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Guide to buying a luxury home in South France

Buying a luxury home in South France is a big decision. In this short guide, you will get some tips from French Estate Group realtors

Helle Skovby and Michael Skovby Nielsen are both highly experienced real-estate agents. Their experience related to selling and buying luxury homes in South France goes back two decades. Together they have helped buyers and sellers “move” real estate to the value of over € 500 million.

In the following, you will find a brief summary of Michael Skovby Nielsen’s advice to buyers considering buying a luxury home in South France. Get in touch with French Estate Group if you want to see the full guide.

Analyse your luxury home needs and wants – use a simple checklist

In our experience, many buyers are not 100 % sure what they want, when they are looking for a villa or an apartment on the French Riviera or in South France.

That’s why we always recommend the buyer to start by analyzing their need. It is important to pinpoint the exact needs. When buyers work with us at French Estate Group, we provide buyers with a checklist as part of our extensive service.

In addition to the basic requirements for the villa or apartment such as size, style, area, budget, etc., our checklist contains questions about:

• Second or primary residence?
• Space for family and friends?
• View of the sea or other views?
• Do you want a swimming pool, tennis court etc.?
• What’re your hobbies?
• What’re your children/grand children’s hobbies?
• Do you prefer a new or old building?
• Do you want a renovated residence?
• Or do you want to manage the renovation yourself?
• Distance to the sea?
• Distance to restaurants etc?
• Do you want a residence inside of a domain with security?
• Do you need a panic room?
• Will you rent it out in periods?
• Do you need a mortgage?

Finding the right home in South France

When you are looking for an estate in France there is a list of important things a buyer would be well adviced to know and understand. France, like many other real estate markets, has her own rules, practices and peculiarities.

For example the size of a villa, mansion or apartment is usually listed as the net square metres. This corresponds to the free floor area and not the total (gross) square metres. T
In many other countries the size is given as gross sqm, which means including the walls and for apartments also including the common area (entrance etc).

It is also important to notice that for example the kitchen (amenities, cupboards etc.) is not always included when buying an estate in South France, or anywhere else in France. If you want it included, make sure it is specifically written in your purchase agreement.

Most buyers need to visit a couple of villas or apartments before taking the final decision. Maybe you will find the right one quickly, maybe not. But notice that for us as your advisor a “no” is as good as a “yes”, because then we are more prepared to find the right one.

Get in touch with French Estate Group to know how we can help you find your dream home in South France

When you have found your dream home in South France

Many decisions have to be taken, but we hold the buyer’s hand and advice from start to end from the analysis, screening of the market, negotiation with the seller, financing etc. We are also on your side at the Notaries office.

We also make a plan for everything on behalf of the buyer including the best way to buy the property (personal, in a Societe Civil Immobilier, a company etc.) depending on the buyers family situation etc.

The buyer will also be advised in tax matters, optimizing in case of dead etc.

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