Luxury homes in Cannes - The French Riveira


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Buying a luxury home in Cannes gets you access to all the city has to offer

Cannes is the most famous city on the French Riviera and is well known all over the world. There are app. 80.000 inhabitants. It is a magnet to celebrities and wealthy people with its glamour, luxury shops, restaurants, cafés etc.

Cannes has its own airport which is very popular for wealthy people coming by private jets/plains. At the old port of Cannes and at Palm Beach you will find helipads too.

The most famous place in Cannes is, of course, Boulevard de la Croisette with its promenade, beautiful sandy beach, palm trees and luxury shops and restaurants.

The most famous hotel is Hotel Carlton with an exceptional atmosphere. But there are so many luxury hotels and a lot of celebrities are coming here often.

Cannes is well known in the whole world for its film festival in May every year, and it is very big and fashionable. But this is only one of hundreds of festivals and congresses in Cannes. MIPIM, for example, is the worlds biggest congress for real estate. The tax-free exhibition is also really big and there are many others.

Buying a luxury home in Cannes can be a great investment

Cannes is busy all year round thanks to the exciting events. Therefore the market for renting out real estate in Cannes is really huge. A lot of real estate owners do business in this market because the rates are extremely high.

And of course, the prices for villas and apartments in Cannes are very high (per square meter) too. But it is, on the other hand, a very stable real-estate market.

If you are going for the renting business you have to buy an apartment “inside the Banane”, which means between La Croisette and the Rapide.

If you want an apartment for your own use (or a combination) there are so many beautiful places in Cannes like Palm Beach, Cannes Californie, Cannes la Croix des Gardes etc.

For villas, Cannes Californie is the most exclusive area in Cannes and of course the most expensive. From most villas the view to the Bay of Cannes and Esterel Mountains are amazing. And you are very close to La Croisette.

La Californie consists of many impressive villas and you will find many high-end villas in this quiet and very exclusive area for wealthy people.

Just behind La Californie, you will find Le Cannet with beautiful villas too, but it is a little bit far from La Croisette. The view is amazing to the city and the sea. The prices are less expensive than La Californie.

Croix des Gardes is expensive but not as expensive as La Californie even if most of the villas have a splendid view to the sea.

Just outside Cannes, you will find Vallauris and Golfe Juan, which is very close to Cannes. In Vallauris and the higher part of Golfe Juan, you will find many beautiful villas with amazing sea view and view to Cap d´Antibes and the islands. Most of the places are very quiet and exclusive.

The city of Golfe Juan is located on the beach with beautiful sandy beaches. It consists mostly of apartments on or near the beach, and there is a huge harbor and many restaurants and cafés – yet you are still very close to Cannes.

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