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Nice – a charming big city on the Côte d´Azur – French Riviera

Nice is the biggest city at the Côte d´Azur with a population of around one million. In the past, it belonged to
Italy and the name were Nizza. In the old part of Nice, you can see that many buildings are Italian inspired.

The old town of Nice is located close to the Port of Nice and the sea. It is quite huge and has a lot of charming walking streets, very narrow and with many, many restaurants, cafes, wine bars, shops for clothes, souvenirs etc. You will also find many shops with Provencal products like olive oil, spices and a lot of wine shops.

Old charm and lots of things to do in Nice

It is also in the old town of Nice you will find the Opera. The atmosphere is very authentic and charming thanks to the beautiful old buildings from the past.

At Cours Saleya there is the very big flower market and during the week there is the very famous antique market.
Behind the old town, there are so many shops with antiquities and also many galleries.

The Port of Nice has changed a lot during the last 20 years. Now it is really cosy with many restaurants and cafes.

The central point in Nice is Place Masséna which is very beautiful with the park. Avenue Jean Medicin is one of the shopping streets and the area around leads you to all the brands for clothes, jewellers, art etc. Of course, you will also find many restaurants and cafes.

Spot the azure blue sea at Promenade des Anglais in Nice, French Riviere

The Promenade des Anglais is fantastic and most of the days the sea is totally azure blue. There is a lot of hotels and apartments at the promenade and the view is amazing. But the traffic can be heavy because the roads have 4 track in both directions. So most of the apartments experience some noise.

Nice is big and has a lot of apartments.
A popular area to have an apartment is the old town with the fantastic, charming life and no traffic. You are also very close to the sea and the port. But if you are looking for a good size of terrace it is not really existing. You can find a nice balcony, but not a big terrace.

Outside the old town, there are many different areas. You have Place Masséna and Place Garibaldi with beautiful old buildings. You have in the centre the area Le Carré d´Or with many nice places and apartments. Here is traffic but the roads are very narrow so most of the people can live with the noise. Many apartments have a nice, green view.

In the western part of Nice, you will find Nice Fabron. It is on a hill with many apartments, most of them with a fantastic sea view. Many of the buildings are modern and has swimming pool etc. It is app. 3-4 km from Place Masséna. The prices in this area are not very expensive.

Nice Mont Boron and Eastern Nice offers many living options

In the eastern part of Nice, you will find the attractive expensive area Nice Mont Boron. It is located on a hill and there are many apartments. You can find old, charming buildings and also modern buildings with swimming pool etc. Most of the apartments have a splendid view of the beach and the city. In the modern buildings, you can find apartments with very nice terraces.

Between Mont Boron and the sea the area Franck Piladde is located. Like Mont Boron, it is also expensive and attractive. It is a very nice and quiet area, and most of the apartments here have a beautiful sea view, and you are very close to the sea – if not directly in front of the sea. There are also some few villas with amazing sea view in front of the sea, and they are often very expensive.

If you are looking for a villa in Nice there is the area Cimiez, close to the centre. There are not many villas but there are some for sale.

Behind Nice Cimiez you will find Nice Gairaut which is a residential area with many nice villas. It is located on a hill, and most of the villas have a splendid view to the sea and the city. And the area is not that expensive.

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