Sell Your Luxury Home

Sell Your Luxury Home

Over 19 years of experience in the sale of luxury villas and apartments at Côte d`Azur – South of France. We have a tax advisor in-house, so buyers and sellers will be advised for free. On these pages, you can learn more about different aspects of buying and selling homes in France. Our consultative approach is what makes French Estate Group different!

Michael & Helle Skovby | French Estate Group - Luxury PropertiesThe French Estate Group is a highly experienced real estate agency, headed by Helle Skovby and Michael Skovby Nielsen, which, for 19 years, has been arranging property sales and purchases in France.

Helle Skovby was trained by the chairman of the French Association of Property Developers and has extensive legal and practical experience.

Michael Skovby Nielsen has 25 years’ experience in dealing with tax matters across national boundaries, including taxation in France in particular. He has written books/guides with Deloitte and KPMG.

We have a more efficient way of dealing with French property matters because we have applied the experience we have gained in dealing with properties in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Spain. Most estate agents in France only have experience in French matters, which limits them somewhat.

One important thing is that both the buyer and the seller are quickly bound by a transaction which, in any case, motivates most sellers. In a French transaction, the seller is normally bound for a long time, while the buyer may regret the purchase. In this regard, we have specific clauses which prevent this.

Many buyers use French Estate Group as their realty advisor with the following benefits, to name a few:

• Our techniques from other countries means that the French realty sellers see us as attractive buyers
• Therefore, we can acquire properties at great prices
• The buyer is advised on taxation, inheritance, financing etc. and take care of everything until the end
• Our local knowledge helps protect buyers against bad purchases
• The French estate agent is obliged to look after the seller’s interests and not the buyer’s
• We look after the buyer’s interests exclusively and have access to several hundred properties
• The buyer does not need to speak with a lot of agents. We take care of that
If you wish to purchase a French property, we analyse your wishes and needs and come up with a concrete purchase strategy, tax plan and a plan for which form the purchase of the property should take (all depending on your family situation etc.).

The difference between that the buyer find the property himself or use us as his advisor can be illustrated like this:

If the buyer works on his/her own:

We are at your disposal at +33 640 61 65 00 or +33 64 39 14 317